Protecting the environment

Signature Owens Corning is engaged in activities related to energy saving and environmental protection through manufactured pinkisgrenProducts and services offered. Protecting the environment is a key element of our corporate philosophy of responsibility. This is evident at every step of our way, of minimizing the impact on the environment during production, to ensure the highest quality. Durable products are built, to reduce energy consumption.

Here is a brief explanation, why Pink is Green™:

– FIBERGLAS PINK ® insulation is made of at least 50 percentage of material recycled post-consumer and / or post-industrial materials, glass.
– The basic raw material used to produce wool FIBERGLAS PINK ® is practically inexhaustible and renewable due to continuous production of sand in nature.
– Introduction Package SpaceSaver ® helps reduce the amount of waste plastic packaging used in the workplace for 38 per cent (source: Owens Corning projekt 2008, The study of energy efficiency).
– Glass Wool Owens Corning PINK FIBERGLAS ® is packaged in materials, which can be recycled and subsequent production of food commercials, garbage bags which are identifiable by the white recycling logo on the packaging.