Roof system

The roof is not just shingles. This complete system, which consists of the ridge shingles and platforms, Ventilation products and materials for insulation against water. Each of these elements has an important function in the protection of your home, and together provide durability, functionality and beautiful appearance of your roof.



Platforms and ridge shingles Hip & Ridge - Protect the ridge and a basket against atmospheric conditions

– Cover the sensitive edges of the roof: ridge and baskets
– Provide additional protection and a more spacious appearance
– Suitable for all types of shingles Owens Corning
– There are several variants / styles. They have colors corresponding to the colors of shingles TruDefinition

VentSure - Ventilation Products. They help protect the roof from premature destruction by removing heat and moisture from the attic. It is a patented ventilation system with a unique design, outstanding ease of installation between the ridge and roof sheathing. It allows the air flow in the attic and temperature equalization inside and outside, thereby preventing the accumulation of heat in the space under the roof. This system also drains the condensed water under the roof in winter, thus preventing the premature destruction of the shell.

– Mounted to the roof structure, under the ridge shingles
– Reduce condensation in the winter and rise in temperature in the summer, what protects the roof from damage and formwork from warping
– Facilitate the flow of air under the roof slope, allowing you to align internal and external temperature

Gonty Owens Corning - Increase the durability and aesthetics of the home. Vir_listalng_gont_bitumiczny is the first line of defense against the weather

– Achieve the highest functionality, when used along with other elements of the system
– They provide durable waterproof thanks asfaltowi with increased resistance to weathering
– Thanks to the structural layer of glass fiber Fiberglas have high structural strength

WheatherLock - Products for waterproofing. Provide an extra layer of protection between shingles and roof sheathing against driving rain. Self-sealing membrane WheatherLock prevent water and ice. Enable security for areas exposed to water getting into places, which may cause the most serious damage in the roof, such as: canopies, Baskets, skylights and roof windows.

– Protect the roof surface from leaking
– Constitute a protective layer between the roof sheathing and shingles
– Have been developed scientifically, to provide solutions for all applications

Tape ventilation – product for ventilation hoods. Along the ridge of odpowietrzaczami allow elimination of moisture accumulation in the attic by providing air flow.