Technologia SureNail

Patented technology SureNail ® is available for all shingles Owens Corning ™ Duration ® series.surenail

Technology SureNail® provides exceptional resistance to wind (8-fold increased tensile strength). The roof is resistant to wind blowing at a speed of up to 210 km/h – when fixing only 4 nails.
SureNail® has been thoroughly tested on the roofs in the United States, where a much more frequent extreme weather conditions than in Poland.

This technology also facilitates the installation of shingles and increases resistance to various mechanical (more dense glass fibers in the SureNail® – better holding a nail), and consequently increases the lifetime of all components.

Tru-Bond®, is a registered – manufactured by Owens Corning, high-quality asphalt sealer, which is resistant to weathering and provides excellent grip.


1. larger area of ​​nails and glue allows for better and more consistent installation

2. specially designed, Extra-wide band of glue to help keep all the layers of shingles together, in virtually all weather conditions

2103. adhesive tape and a wider grip on nails together form a greater adhesion layer, so that the whole combination is resistant to the wind is blowing at a speed of of 210 km/h